Chris Johnstone

I’m available for work from 1st October 2023 so please do get in touch with me if you have anything coming in 07770 918172 / 07734 396696.

I’m a 3D Generalist and Motion Graphics designer working with Maya, Houdini and After Effects, with a vast amount of experience in all aspects of motion design: live events, broadcast, film, TV, Web, Post-house, Agency work, creating a wide variety of digital work.

I’m just finishing work as a 3D Generalist for Moonraker VFX, working on Frozen Planet 2 and various 3D tracking projects.

Earlier in the year I was working on an interactive table with Make Associates – it was great to be back with some of the team I worked with, when we produced the award winning interactive table for Shell.  

View my full CV of work here.